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The power of awarding gross sums in lieu of assessed costs is still preserved by CPR 44.3(6)(b) although largely supplanted by summary assessment see Leary -v- Leary (1987)1 All ER.261. See also Taylor Made Golf Company Eke -v- Rata and Rata (a firm) 1996 F.S.R.526 and Direct Line Group Limited -v- Direct Line Estate Agency Limited 1997 F.S.R.373 also Mayfair Brassware Limited -v- Acqualine International Limited 1998 F.S.R.135,CA and Cheffick Limited -v- JDM Associates (No.4) 22Con.LR 51. See also Silva -v- C. Czarnikow Limited SJ(1960) 104 S.J.369

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